Greater Manchester Cricket League

At our monthly cricket committee meeting on Monday, and after a series of consultation meetings including our AGM in January, we decided unanimously to apply for membership of the proposed Greater Manchester Cricket League in 2016. We feel that we can meet the criteria set out in the GMCL prospectus to allow us a place in one of the senior divisions. Teams in these leagues will cover the whole of the greater Manchester area around the M60.  Our other senior team(s) will be placed in a regional division involving limited travelling to matches, as will our junior teams in a Tameside/Oldham area. The senior team divisions will involve promotion and relegation to allow clubs to play at their true level against clubs of a similar standing.

Throughout the process the reputation of our club has been particularly apparent – other clubs have wanted to know what we were planning to do before they made up their own minds. It is clear that , over a period of years, we have earned the respect of other clubs on and off the field, and we should feel proud of this. Our decision was taken primarily in the interests of all our players who were seeking a change from the established routine of fixtures which produced a similar pattern of results year after year. The new GMCL will provide a pyramid structure like those in other parts of the country with the opportunity to play clubs we have not played in the past along with old friends with whom we have competed in league and cups over a number of years.

We hope our many players, supporters and members will support us in this next exciting chapter in the history of Glossop cricket club. We wait now to see which other clubs will join us in the new league.

Alan Garlick 12/5/2015

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