Sue Senior

Sue Senior  15 May 1959 - 28 October 2015
Sue Senior
15 May 1959 – 28 October 2015

My name is Alan Garlick and I’m chairman of Glossop Cricket Club.  Last year, for the first time, the club awarded the clubman of the year trophy to a whole family – the Seniors– Mark because of his second team scoring and web-site management, Daniel because of his excellent weekly cricket reports for the local newspaper and junior coaching, Hannah because of her help with scoring for the third team & tuck-shop management, and Sue because of her continuous presence and support for our junior and senior teams and, of course, in support of her family.

Even when she was very poorly she would come along to help with county games on a regular basis and supported fund-raising events throughout the year. She was one of the many strong, intelligent female members of the club who knew more about cricket than many of the male members. Her dad Jack was a leading figure on the committees at Old Trafford so Sue’s connections with the game go back many years.

She was one of my sounding boards, always there to assure me that our philosophy of promoting our juniors to the senior teams and not trying to buy in players from elsewhere was the correct one. She was very proud of Daniel’s progress at the club as part of perhaps our strongest group of young players over the last 20 years, winning cups and leagues from the age of 11 to their recent 2nd XI Cup Final victory at Dukinfield this last season. She was so proud when Dan was named the league’s young clubman of the year for the second year running, but her interest and support extended to all the other players too.

I spent many hours in her company at games and she was always able to make a telling observation of the players on the field, pleased that, on the whole, the Glossop teams played and behaved better than most other teams, especially those beginning with the letter D.

One Saturday last season I scored for the second team so that Mark could look after Sue during one of her many difficult days. They both appeared at the club later in the day. Sue thanked me for covering for Mark and, with her lovely smile, teased that at least for once the scores would be right at the end of the day. She could express more with her smile of approval or a raised eye-brow than most other watchers could in a half-hour conversation.

Some time ago a former member of our cricket committee suggested that women should not be involved in serious cricket discussion and decision-making.  Clearly he’d never spoken to Sue. I will miss her at the start of next season and so will the players and other members. I feel sure she will still be with us in spirit whenever Glossop takes a wicket or scores another boundary.

Sue was a courageous, intelligent, lovely woman and I feel proud to have known her.

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